Ten support policies of GUANYA to join us

1. Business support

Dealers have their own channel influence, such as exclusive rights in specific regions such as supermarkets, wholesale, online e-commerce and specialty stores, so as to protect the interests of franchisees.


2.Store opening support

The headquarters provides a unified VI SI terminal standard system, and has a professional terminal management team to help store opening address, investment budget, store design, product display, etc


3. Subsidy support for decoration and construction

According to the dealers' concern about the size of the store, provide the corresponding subsidy support, try our best to reduce the dealers' financial pressure, go all out to support the dealers to open bigger and stronger.


4.Professional training support

Headquarters full-time training lecturers or hired professional marketing masters, provide a full range of training support, including product knowledge, sales skills, installation and commissioning, after-sales service and other system training, to help dealers quickly improve competitiveness.


5.Mature quality control management system support

The company has accumulated a mature quality control management system, lean all-round training support, to ensure the quality of each shipment of products, even if the responsibility and loss caused by product quality problems are handled by the manufacturer.


6.Continuous new product launch support

Relying on the strong research and development, design team to continuously develop new products, timely to market, comprehensive coverage of the market, to ensure the continuous supply of new products.


7. Strong brand promotion support

By virtue of its brand influence, it will carry out three-dimensional accurate advertising on domestic and foreign exhibitions, high-speed intersections, outdoor card games, e-commerce platforms, industry newspapers, high-end magazines, we media, portal websites and other platforms, so as to improve the brand awareness and reputation of GUANYA.


8. A variety of marketing material support

Cooperate stores operating need advertising material (atlas, display table, light boxes, posters, display rack, folding, buy clothing, promotional umbrella, gift bags), such as various forms of promotion support, trying to help dealers to join cleaning experience barriers, improve store sales.


9. Fully supported by professional planning team

The team of the company's brand management department irregularly provides various forms of marketing promotion activities and plans in holidays and other forms, and helps dealers in various forms of marketing activities to comprehensively boost store performance and sales.


10. Strong brand strength

Crown brand experience, 10 years of rapid development, has the comprehensive implementation "product specialization" and "brand" products, focus on continued to strengthen the brand characteristic of crown, lighting, create and influence in the industry, and awarded "China well-known trademark", "Guangdong famous trademark", "high-tech enterprise", "AAAA level standardization good behavior enterprise", "the desk lamp that shield an eye engineering technology research and development center of Guangdong province", "provincial enterprise technology center", "Zhongshan city government quality prize", "the national intellectual property demonstration enterprise" lamp honorary certificate, we will with "light health" as the goal,Health lighting technology and intelligent lighting technology will be integrated into lighting products to set a new benchmark for health lighting.